Locavore Challenge Starts Tomorrow!

Come kick off 2 weeks of fabulous local food at Green City Market! Tomorrow (Wednesday, September 7) we will feature two guest vendors with unique, horizon-expanding products. Breslin Farms will have heirloom dried beans and hard winter wheat. Sunny Lane Farms will have a variety of jams, jellies, juices and teas featuring their highly nutritious and delicious aronia berries. Learn more at: www.breslinfarms.com and www.sunnylanearonia.com.

On Thursday, September 8, some of Chicago’s top restaurants will offer prix fixe menus featuring local food from Green City Vendors. Come see what happens when some of Chicago’s most talented chefs get their hands on the ripest, freshest produce around. Pure Magic! Check out the list of participating restaurants on the GCM website.

This Saturday, September 10, Jake’s Country Meats/ Great Lakes Fish will join the guest vendor line-up with their Michigan pastured pork products and wild-caught smoked fish. The pork is raised on a vegetarian diet, without hormones or antibiotics, and processed without nitrates or MSG. The fish is caught in the great lakes by members of the Chippewa Tribe.

See you at the Market!




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2 responses to “Locavore Challenge Starts Tomorrow!

  1. So excited to be participating in the challenge! Unfortunately I’m out of town this weekend, so I won’t be able to be at the market on Saturday, but I’m writing about my two weeks of local eating on my blog as well!

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