A Day in the Life of a Locavore! By Erin Riley

Breakfast:  Zestar Apple from Mick Klug Farms and a hunk of 3 year raw milk Cheddar from Brunkow.  If you haven’t tried the Zestar apple, go to Mick IMMEDIATELY and buy a pint—a bargain at $3, these apples are HUGE.  Delicate skin with a sweet and slightly spiced flesh, it’s the best apple since the Honey Crisp—I made some killer apple sauce with this apple last year.  It’s a new breed of apple, developed, like the honey crisp, by the apple breeders at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum’s Horticulture Research Center in Chanhassen, MN.   I am going to make more sauce this year and can it so I can enjoy it in the winter!

Lunch:  Whole wheat bread from Bennison’s Bakery, a striped Italian Roma Tomato from Leaning Shed, a touch of Nordic Creamery’s summer butter and Vanessa grapes from Mick Klug for dessert!   The Nordic Creamery Summer Butter is gorgeous. Only made in the summer when the cows are in the pasture, nibbling on bright green grass, and dozing in the sun, the butter is sweet and slightly salty with a creamy and smooth texture that tastes AMAZING with…well, everything.  It is BUTTER…made from the milk of some seriously happy cows.  It makes a HUGE difference in flavor and texture than the factory-farmed counter parts.

Dinner:  Frittata made from eggs, zucchini and leeks from Genesis Growers, and a small grilled cheese and tomato sandwich with Bennison’s wheat bread, more Leaning Shed tomatoes and Brunkow Cheddar, and, of course, more of that Nordic Summer Butter!  Whenever people ask me about local eating, and do I find it difficult, expensive, etc.  I always talk about eggs.  The eggs will turn even the most devout big box store shopper.  Free range, farm eggs literally changed my life.  I call them a gateway food to local eating.  You do not know how good an egg can taste until you eat one that came straight from the farm.  These little orbs pack more flavor than a dozen of the factory produced eggs.  The bright orange yolks and clear whites need only a touch of heat to cook them to absolute perfection.  A light dust of a good flaky sea salt and a crust of bread and you have the ultimate expression of comfort food.  The flavor simultaneously reminds me of being outside in the sun and sitting around my childhood breakfast table.   Whisked, these eggs make a lovely and light frittata.

Not bad for day one of the Locavore Challenge.   The exceptions I’ve allowed myself are coffee (free trade and crop to cup), and salt, pepper and olive oil.  There were several repeats during the day, but that is because I can only carry so much on my bike, even with a front carrying basket!  Looking forward to Saturday when I can pick up another round of groceries!   Another volunteer, watching me as I packed up my several bags of food, sent me this picture later in the day, and now I’m thinking I need to upgrade my bike!  Thanks for the idea, Marilyn!

Erin's future bicycle


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One response to “A Day in the Life of a Locavore! By Erin Riley

  1. Locavore Gal

    All sounds yummy! My favourite local snack today was Iron Creek Farm carrots and Tomato Mountain cherry tomatoes dipped into Brunkow’s Raw Milk Cheddar cold pack cheese.
    I also enjoyed Pasta Puttana wild mushroom tagliatelle with a little Kinnikinnick pesto for lunch.
    Day two has been delicious!

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