At the Market by Nick Kindelsberger

“At the Market” plans to look at the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available at the market each week, both to help clue you in, and also to provide a few recipes to help you take advantage of the bounty. Honestly, I thought this post wouldn’t need to come out for a few more weeks, but thanks to some unseasonably warm weather in March, spring sprung early this year. This bumped up the dates of a number of spring vegetables that usually aren’t available at this time.
Here are five things you should look out for at the next Green City Market on May 5th (the first outdoor market of the year). 
1. Morels
As soon as I walked in last Saturday’s market, I heard the whispers about morels. River Valley Kitchens had a few of the mushrooms around, but they were long gone by the mid-morning. If you want to take advantage of the fresh spring morels, they advised showing up as early as possible. If you do manage to snag some, this recipe from Daniel Boulud’s Cooking with Daniel Boulud, pairs them with chicken and fava beans; another prime spring ingredient. 
2. Asparagus
Asparagus, on the other hand, is plentiful and all over the place. I spotted some at Ellis Farms and Mick Klug Farm, but other places definitely have it. Of course, due to the crazy warm weather, asparagus started showing up in March, but it’s never a bad thing to have asparagus season last a little longer. I know it’s common to serve it simply, maybe with a fried egg, especially when it’s just popped up. But I also have a soft spot for this bacon and asparagus sandwich from Saveur. Sounds like it shouldn’t work, but it’s simply and satisfying. 
3. Rhubarb 
Honestly, I was most surprised to hear that rhubarb was on the way. It had all sold out at Growing Home by the mid-morning, but they promised to have more next week. I’m all for a rhubarb pie, but for some reason, rhubarb reminds me of a refreshing cocktail. This recipe from Serious Eats is not a bad place to start. 
4. French Breakfast Radishes 
I was glad to see that small French breakfast radishes were available at King’s Hill Farm. Sure, you can slice these up and toss them in salads. But I think the most delicious way to take advantage of these is to just serve them with some softened butter. 
5. Lettuce 
Sure, hearty winter greens are delicious, but it’s thrilling to find a collection of tender lettuce leaves, from romaine to red leaf, available at a few of the stalls. Now that I talked against the salad in the previous pick, I’ll go all in on a fresh spring salad for this one. In fact, take an idea from Saveur, and pair the lettuce with something crunchy.  Saveur has a whole gallery of options.

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